Scientific Publishing in Times of Digitalisation

Journals, monographs, anthologies, working papers and much more - the forms of publication in science are numerous. The main form of publication varies from subject to subject. In the humanities and social sciences the monograph, the book, still plays an important role, while in the natural sciences the journal plays a central role. Digitisation has an impact on these forms of publication and on the way in which they are published and can be published in the future.

Advantages for Scientific Journals

Digitisation has many advantages for quality-tested scientific journals: Magazines no longer have to appear in print. The Internet makes it much easier to bring together international editorial bodies and organise the important peer review process. The submission of articles by authors and the entire editorial process can take place digitally. In addition, articles can be published online. At the push of a button, journal issues with articles and, if required, related materials are immediately available to all worldwide after completion of the editorial process. An important prerequisite for this is that these are Open Access journals, which are free of charge and can be re-used. Free availability enables the publications to be distributed widely. In addition, the use of appropriate software supports desired measures such as rapid visualisation and wide dissemination or proof of use.

How the Right Software Can Help

The Open Source software “Open Journal Systems” (OJS) is used in the HOS project “Modern Publishing”. This established software currently enables the publication of more than 9000 scientific journals. Supported by a strong worldwide community of interest, it was completely revised in 2017. The wishes of the users were taken into account. OJS supports both the editorial process through to publication and sustainable publication and dissemination. Within the framework of the project, the software is the responsibility of the SUB Hamburg, which offers a magazine hosting service.

We are pleased to extend our service and to go innovative ways together with the TU Hamburg.

Isabella Meinecke
Open-Access-Beauftragte der SUB Hamburg, Elektronisches Publizieren / Hamburg University Press

Isabella Meinecke is head of the Electronic Publishing department and the library-based Hamburg University Press at the Hamburg State and University Library.