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Project Team


Dr. Tim Boxhammer

Natural Scientist, HOS Journal Hosting, Communication & Acquisition


Axel Dürkop

Team leader, system architect and developer


Florian Hagen

Open Content and Digital Publishing Librarian


Albert Krewinkel

Free open source developer


Isabella Meinecke

Open-Access-Beauftragte der SUB Hamburg, Elektronisches Publizieren / Hamburg University Press

The project

TU Hamburg (TUHH) and the Hamburg State and University Library (SUB) have jointly developed workflows for collaborative writing and scientific publishing in the digital age under Open Access.

The focus was on the two tools GitLab and Open Journal Systems (OJS), supported by Hypothesis and pandoc-scholar. We have tried to document most of it in the blog.

Architectural design of a socio-technical system for writing and publishing scientific journal articles collaboratively. Source: Axel Dürkop.

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Recent Publications

Open science is linked with many values such as accountability, integrity, trust, reproducibility and of course, openness. From the beginning of the research process, publishing is key to inform the community and society about the findings and the winding road that led to them. Saying this, accessibility must be mentioned as a necessary condition and another core value of open science.

The poster shows the socio-technical system that is being developed in the project “Modern Publishing”. Viewed from left to right, it first shows the diverse writing habitat of the authors wiss. Publications that we call Writing Stage. In the middle, along the vertical axis, it is shown how changes to the text lead to an automatic generation of preview documents in HTML, which can be annotated with Hypothesis. At the same time, this pre-submission stage generates various formats of the contribution, which can then be passed to the submission stage in OJS.

Talks & Workshops

The workshop provides a practical introduction to the culture of software development with code hosting platforms and git. Project …

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