Modern Publishing

Modern Publishing

Digital Tools for Open Publication Processes
A Project of Hamburg Open Science (HOS)

What we do

TU Hamburg (TUHH) and the Hamburg State and University Library (SUB) are jointly developing workflows for collaborative writing and scientific publishing in the digital age under Open Access.

The focus is on the two tools GitLab and Open Journal Systems (OJS), supported by Hypothesis and pandoc-scholar.

Architectural design of a socio-technical system for writing and publishing scientific journal articles collaboratively. Source: Axel Dürkop.

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Project Team


Dr. Tim Boxhammer

Natural Scientist, HOS Journal Hosting, Communication & Acquisition


Axel Dürkop

Team leader, system architect and developer


Florian Hagen

Open Content and Digital Publishing Librarian


Isabella Meinecke

Open-Access-Beauftragte der SUB Hamburg, Elektronisches Publizieren / Hamburg University Press

Talks & Workshops

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